Welcome to The Rebate Club

Rebate Club – Putting our money where your word-of-mouth is.

For us, there’s no more powerful marketing tool than word-of-mouth recommendation. That’s why we’re prepared to reward you when you recommend Stock in Trade to colleagues, business associates and friends.

Stock In Trade - Rebate Club

What’s the rebate?

It’s a simple system funded by the money we don’t spend on factoring or invoice collection – because you have to pay your invoices on time to qualify for it.

Refer someone you think may benefit from our service, and if they become a customer you’ll receive 4% of their invoice as a rebate against your own bills.  It may seem a small figure, but that rebate comes off your invoice every single month  – as long as they remain a customer (and you pay your bill’s on time).

And there’s no limit to how many companies you can refer.  So keep on referring and paying on time, and you’ll keep receiving 4% of each new invoice.  From all of your referrals. You can end up paying nothing for your own goods by earning rebates right up to the total amount of your own invoice. (Although you won’t be allowed to earn more than the amount of your own invoice – we’re not THAT generous!)

Rebate Club – a great opportunity for you to pay nothing at all for your office supplies.

Call us on 0800 977 5688 or visit Rebate FAQ for more details.