Welcome 2012 – Mrs & Mrs Lee

A year ago we posted up Our First Blog and welcomed 2011.

It was a good year.  Stock In Trade turned 21, we attended the office* show for the first time, there were many highlights.  Now we could focus on the business side of things, but the really important thing was Karen’s determination to fit into her wedding dress by the summer.

We did say that if she made it we’d put up a picture (we may even have threatened to even if she didn’t, but let’s not dwell on that).

But no no worries because she made it – and here’s a picture to prove it.  So well done Karen you look lovely!  Or should we say you look lovely, Mrs Lee.

And because it wasn’t all about the the Missus or the Dress, we also welcome Mr Lee himself to our blog.  Hey Michael, you look great too!

We’re all really glad you both had a great day and we hope you have a great 2012 – and that goes for us all!

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All I want for Christmas is…

Every year, I have to tackle the same Christmas Conundrum: what presents to buy?  We had a whip round the office and talked to some people on Facebook to find out what was top of their list for Christmas this year in the hope of spreading some gift-idea inspiration. Here’s what they had to say:

  • A new camera.  This was on Kathryn’s wish list because her baby is due on Christmas Day and she wants to capture the special moment!
  • A twin buggy for my daughter – Karen will also have a new arrival in the family
  • World peace.  On second thought no, an iPad, says Will
  • Joe would like some new jeans, a size larger than normal to allow for extra turkey and pudding
  • Kirsty would like some diamonds. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Failing that, jewellery from Accessorize!
  • Jade would just like to be home in time for Christmas, since her flight arrives back in the UK so late Christmas Eve.  Then again, the in-laws are round this year….

Other top Christmas presents for 2011 include an iHelicopter (a great gadget for the hard-to-buy-for man in the house), a desktop USB mug warmer or a LeapPad Explorer for the kids!

Let us know what you found in your stocking on Christmas Day and from everyone at Stock in Trade, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Office* Show Review – 15th & 16th September 2011

As office* show virgins we had no idea what to expect when we signed up to exhibit.  Was it everything we hoped?  Yes, and then some! The two days at Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London flew by in a dazzle of smiling office professionals, great talks and free Chuppa Chupps, Poppets, pens and post-it notes!

We usually show at TWM in October, the main London event for Facility Managers and FD’s – the people who like what we do.  When we heard about the office* show we were curious and fancied a change.  This show is dedicated to Executive PA’s, EA’s and Office Managers and more than 3,000 of them visited the show – and at times it felt like they were all on our stand.

The office* people launched National PA Day to celebrate and appreciate all the hard working PA’s out there who are often take for granted.  A great idea, though I can’t see it becoming a national holiday.  There were some great talks: the favourites seemed to be Jacqueline Gold (Ann Summers & Knickerbox) and Michelle Mone (Ultimo).  They were inspirational and offered genuine practical advice.  A lot of visitors told us they came away feeling motivated and raring to go!

We were pleased so many of you stopped to talk to us about our imprest service.  Office supplies isn’t the most exciting topic, but our imprest service does save you money and make your job so much easier – and it was great to hear you agree.  To those we’re meeting up with in the next few weeks, we look forward to building a great working relationship.  And if you entered the draw to win an iPod touch, we will be doing it at the end of September so watch this space!  If you didn’t but would like to be included, just contact us for an appointment before the month is up.  As long as we took your details at the show you still qualify.

Whilst it was interesting meeting so many different people working for such a wide range of companies, there was one downside: aching feet.  Especially for us oldies.  By Friday afternoon we were ready to just lay down where we stood.  Thankfully this was remedied by the delightful Mobile Massage team. The topless hunks from Pearls and Pecs wandering the aisles helped a little too…

Overall verdict?  Well, before this one had even finished we’d booked for the 2012 office* show.  That says it all. See you there!

PS: We’ve uploaded photos so don’t forget to check us out on Facebook.

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Smaller Footprints

You’ve all heard of a carbon footprint, but what is it?  Well, a quick dictionary check says it’s a measure of “the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere caused by our day-to-day activities”.  So pretty much everything we do.

Most of us believe this has a huge impact on our environment, particularly the thorny issue of climate change.  And we all know that individually we can make small changes that collectively make a huge difference.  So we decided to do one of our office polls to see what our employees are doing personally to make smaller footprints that make a difference.

Now some ideas were blindingly obvious, but there were a couple of interesting ones in there too.  So here’s our top 10, though not in any particular order.

Our Top 10

1.   Shorter showers, ideally 3 minutes!  And alone.

2.   Take re-usable bags to the shops, and carry home expensive shopping.

3.   Breathe out less and stay in bed as much as possible.

4.   Hang washing out ‘old school’, instead of using a dryer, which can also be expensive.

5.   Smarter shopping – no bottled water, buy local produce like fruit/veg that’s in season.

6.   Switch things off – leaving appliances on standby still wastes energy.

7.   Walk or cycle whenever you can.  Helps keep you healthy too.

8.   Only use washing machines and dishwashers when full – saves electricity, water and washing powder.

9.   Recycle as much as possible.

10.  Use energy saving light bulbs.

There you have it: 10 simple, easy, and free to do ideas that can save you money and help preserve the planet for future generations!  Could you do all 10 in one week?  Would you want to?  Go on, give it a go.

Next time maybe we’ll take a look at what we as a company can do to help save the environment!

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Your invite to office* 2011

Stock In Trade would like to invite you to this year’s office* show at Earl’s Court on 15th & 16th September.  If you’re interested in office supplies, IT consumables, stationery then you should be there.  The premier event for PA’s EA’s and Office Managers.

Register here for free!

Come and see us on stand 3011.

Please Note: office*is a trade only event, open to companies and individuals involved in the industry. Members of the public are not permitted. Visitors may be asked to provide proof of their trade status and the event organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who they suspect may not be involved as members of the trade.

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