Introducing Fariba Rezvani


Fariba Rezvani is not only the Owner of Stock In Trade, she is also our Sales Director. We have a lot of product knowledge at Stock In Trade as most of our staff have been with us for over 15 years. Fariba, as you can imagine given her 25 years worth of experience, is in a class of her own. She has sourced the majority of our products here at Stock in Trade, and as you are probably aware, there are an awful lot of them.

Fariba is also the driving force behind our LED division. Her extensive product knowledge and passion about them is such that we were asked by Heal’s, Waterstones and The Barbican to advise on LED’s. If you’re one of our customers and you’re into LED’s then you’ve undoubtedly spoken to her.

When she’s not working, and that’s not very often we might add… She likes to indulge in a glass of good wine, some great food and a bit of sewing. She never misses an episode of Sewing Bee and is one of their biggest fans!

Two truths and a dare

  • I was once suggested to train for Olympics as a long distance runner
  • I won The Initiatives Cup
  • I played Netball for Kent County Council
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Introducing Karen Lee



Karen Lee is our Account Manager.

Karen spends the majority of the working day out visiting customers, ensuring a smooth service and managing stock. If you’re a client then you’ll know her as she is the most public face of Stock In Trade. She’s the one who would have visited you in person. As well as her work her real passions are traveling, her wonderful grandchildren and going into the garage at home to practice dirty dancing routines. Yes you read that correctly, a big fan of the film Karen and her husband love nothing more than recreating those perilous routines though she does admit they’re yet to master the infamous lift.

(We’re sure they’ll manage it soon and when they do we’ll be sure to be there with the video camera!).

2 Truths and a lie

I’m a closet Miley Cyrus fan
I love gardening
I’m a member of Lords Cricket Club

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Christmas 2015 Opening Times

Well that fun and festive season is fast approaching, so this seems like a good time to let you know what our opening times are for the break:


Christmas Week

Wednesday 23rd December Open: last day for shipments and local deliveries
Christmas Eve Closed
Christmas Day Closed. Surprised?
Boxing Day Still closed. Really.
Sunday 27th December Closed



New Year’s Week

Monday 28th December Open: processing orders for January delivery only
Tuesday 29th December
Wednesday 20th December
New Year’s Eve Closed
New Year’s Day
Saturday 2nd January
Sunday 3nd January
Monday 4th January Open as usual


Merry Christmas everyone and have a great New Year!

The Stock In Trade Team

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Meet Samira Pakfetrat

Samira (3)

Samira Pakfetrat is our Chief Buyer.

Everything that we order in for customers passes over her desk. Aside from Tracy she is the person who you will probably speak most to when you call.  Samira really enjoys the social side of her work, but her real passion in life is Clay Sculpting and Nature Photography.

Samira (5)

She’s taken a few courses in Portrait Sculpting with water based clay and can often be found whiling away the hours in her home studio.

Samira (1)

2 Truths & 1 Lie

  • I’ve done 20km white water rafting in Bali
  • I dressed up as a clown in a Richmond charity fund raiser
  • I skydived a 10,000ft altitude in Gran Canaria


Samira (2)


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Introducing Tracy Howard and Bella


photo (36)

Tracy Howard is our Operations Manager and the main contact for all our clients.

In the 20 years or so of being at Stock In Trade she’s managed to scare off several assistants with her diligence! Tracey manages the operations side of the business from when the orders are placed to when they leave the building.

Not a fan of being tied to her desk for five days a week she embraces every opportunity of travelling to see clients. She loves nothing more than meeting clients face to face and the satisfaction of doing a job well done. She considers herself to be a people’s person, a happy client makes her tick!

One of the main reasons Tracey is so popular in the office though is her gorgeous dog Bella who has been adopted as the office dog. A joy to have around, much fun is had when Bella is in the house. It is even been suggested she be put on the payroll for making the office a happier place to work!

2 Truths/1 Lie

  • I managed a pub in Highbury where half the Arsenal Team used to come and drink on their “Tuesday Club” outings
  • I ran a half marathon
  • I had a summer job at London Zoo selling ice cream from a tricycle



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