Keeping us amused…

You’ve heard all about our sense of humour and how it keeps us all going during the day. Days at an office can be mundane when you’re ploughing through admin so we do like to make work as fun as possible. On a day like today after the long bank holiday weekend we all need cheering up!

Providing office goods can be perceived as being a rather straight laced kind of business but that really couldn’t be further from the truth. We like to amuse ourselves during the working day and it would seem our clients like to do the same…

Only last week we sent an email to a client asking which kind of presentation stand they’d prefer. This was their reply…




Product 938554, Description: 5 Star Literature Holder Angled A4 Clear

A very unexpected response that made us all giggle! Which one do you reckon we sent them?


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The beauty of LED lighting in Design

LED lighting is being employed more and more in the home and not just to replace spotlights. Interior designers are increasingly working with them as they offer more flexibility with the vast range of colours available.

Design by Blue Print Designs

Fairly common now in retail and commercial use LEDs are finding their way into our homes and gardens up and down the country. There are countless online examples of how effective they are in illuminating our spaces.

Cost was always an issue in the past however prices have come down in recent years whilst the savings they make in the long run are now widely accepted. You can even use an app on your phone  to turn lights on or off so you need never fear they are burning up energy if you’ve had to leave in a hurry.

Kitchen island floating effect with LED strip lighting under all units in front of plinth. #kitchenisland #kitchen #lwkkitchens:

Found on Pinterest via


Software can also be used to create a different mood in any room by switching colours  or highlighting a particular corner of a room to light a wall or staircase. They really come into their own in a kitchen lighting your worktops or an island from the ground up.





Colorful House Ideas Yazgan Design Architecture amazing stair with LED lighting:

Found on Pinterest via theluxhome

Stair lighting.:

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

TV Cabinets Hyperion-Furniture:

Found on Pinterest via

First introduced in 1962 by the American Nick Holonyak LEDs are now the eco friendly choice for Architects and Designers. Not just for inside the home they are perfect for lighting your garden. Once dark or dully lit gardens now come into their own after dark as you can see in the photos below.

We offer an installation and supply service which you can check out here. Heals employed us to install the lighting in their flagship shop in Totteham Court Road as you can see in the photo below. We’re pretty passionate about LEDs here at Stock In Trade so do give us a call if you’d like to know more about how we can help with your project.




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The moment you’ve all been waiting for…


Now you’ve met our key members of staff, it is time to reveal their Lies. Tricksters that they are!

Here we are their final answers, do click on their names for their biographies if you missed any:


Will Anjos I did the London to Brighton cycle ride

“I cycled from London to south of France via Newhaven once, but despite living in Brighton for over 20 years I’ve never cycled the London to Brighton”.


Tsar Crew My nickname at school was “Jordan”

“No, I was called Tuna. Because I like fish and am fair skinned.”


Tracey Howard & the Famous Bella Ran a half marathon

“The only marathon I enjoy is the chocolate eating kind…..”


Samira Pakfetrat I dressed up as a clown in Richmond charity fund raiser

“Never did.”


Karen Lee I’m a closet case Miley Cyrus fan 

“Wouldn’t have a clue what she sings, or if it’s a woman or man for that matter :0)“


Fariba Rezvani  Played basketball for Kent County Council

“I like to think I was a bit of an expert but no, I never played the council team. Not sure they even had one…”


Rupen Joshi I’m a ¼ Kenyan

“I’m not ¼ Kenyan, but I do have family from Africa, though I’ve never met them”.


Paul Murray As a student I was arrested for polishing the horse’s testicles of a tarnished brass statue in Hull
“The gonads were buffed to a high lustre during my time at Hull University, but not by me”. Interestingly the rest of the office were quite suprised by this admission of Paul’s!


So were any of these a surprise to you? Our bets are on Paul…


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Last but not least is Paul Murray

Our final introduction to you is Paul Murray our Technical Director.

Paul Murray

As Technical Director he’s responsible for keeping all the information the company needs safe, accurate and available. It’s a fairly wide ranging job involving software design and development, network, database and telecoms management.

Much of the tricky stuff is done overnight so he occasionally ends up working through till the early hours when he can safely tinker with things that are being used during the day. This is usually accompanied by a take-away and a glass of wine. Or two…

His preference is for a pint of Real Ale but sadly our HQ is in a bit of a desert for pubs let alone decent ones. If his evening is not too punishing and the weather nice there is somewhere within walking distance that usually serves decent vittles but he usually ends up ordering in food and pops to the corner shop for something to wash it down with.

Usually evenings go smoothly and he can get his head down at some point, dozing off to some comedy on the radio. He says the combination of Radio 4 Extra and the BBC iPlayer Radio have transformed his listening habits…’It’s wonderful to have such a huge resource at ones fingertips. Or should that be ears’. If you haven’t come across these two radio stations before Paul can’t recommend them highly enough. As you may have gathered Paul also has a knack for keeping us all amused in the office with his great sense of humour, funny T shirts and tales of his life in Suffolk with his three children (including twins!).

2 truths & a lie

• I have made over 50 blood donations.
• As a student I was arrested for polishing the horse’s testicles of a tarnished brass statue in Hull.
• I was a fireman in a West End theatre.

2014-10-18 18.47.53

Always making us laugh!



The Naked Chef has nothing on Paul!!



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Introducing Rupen Joshi


Rupen Joshi is our Warehouse Manager.

Each and every product that passes through our warehouse is managed by Rupen. More often than not it can be quite physically demanding work so he feels pretty justified in rewarding himself playing darts in the office every couple of hours instead of a tea break! Its a little hobby he’s kept from his childhood days when he could often be found practicing in his room after homework, a little treat for all his hard work.

The extra practice in the office comes in handy when he and his friends get together of an evening for a mini tournament An event they take very seriously indeed!

2 Truths and a lie

  •  I’m a ¼ Kenyan.
  • I’ve driven illegally in America.
  •  I’m lactose intolerant
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