Happy Christmas from the team!

We’re dropping in to wish all our clients and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We’ve had a great year working with you and look forward to making 2019 one to remember! Thank you for your continued support.

We will be closed from the 24th December at 12 Midday until Wednesday 2nd January when we will be reopening our doors to you.

Have a peaceful, relaxed break and see you all in the New Year!

Christmas Fireplace

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Back to School…


This month saw the annual return to school after the long Summer holidays, there were tears and sighs of relief as our little ones scurried back into class. I don’t know about you but as a child the Autumn term always bought with it a trip to the local stationery shop to purchase a vast array of the latest pens, notebooks and most importantly the must have pencil case!


Stationery continues to hold a firm place in our hearts even as adults. Despite Stationery being our business,  we can never resist the charms of a small independent arts and stationery shop. There’s something about September that feels almost more of a new year to us than January. New stationery, new uniforms, a fresh start, turning over a new leaf…Are we the only ones to feel this way?

Samira (1)

If not do take a look at our online store where there are some lovely new ‘back to school’ products ready to be snatched up!

If there is something that you’re particularly after then don’t hesitate to drop us a line, we’re always up for receiving suggestions!





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And the winner is...

As a little light relief from all the rather heavy news of the last few weeks we set our team and clients a little questionnaire…with only one super easy question. Which stationery item could you not do without during your daily routine? The one thing that makes your life at work easier, simpler and less stressful. Want to know what the resounding majority voted for? We know it surprised us too!


Yes it was the humble staple remover…



The one item that always gets ‘borrowed’ but never returned by your colleagues, the one item that employees hide away deep in their drawers so others can’t find it. It saves your nails, protects you from the dangers of sharp sissors, the staple remover was King of our list!

pencil sharpener


The stapler came in a close second followed closely by the pencil sharpener. Highlighters came in above writing pens whilst one big surprise notebooks came down the bottom of the list.



What could you not do without in the office?

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Ever run out of stationery or order too much? Read on...

There’s no denying that flicking through a stationery catalogue or website can be a lot of fun, though the temptation is to over order then be left with a cupboard full of products that gather dust for years until you reach a point you forget what’s at the back of that drawer!

That’s why we came up with Imprest. You only pay for what you use after you’ve used it so rather than having a stationery room full of stock and your finances tied up, you’ll have a room with only the items you need. Your finance people will be happy and so will you as there’ll be no more wasted time stock taking, we even do that for you!

We will visit on a monthly basis to stock take ensuring you never run out of your most used items. If we get it wrong we’ll get those items out to you on a same day delivery service and we’ll take the rap for it. Yes no more getting into trouble for your boss for running out of A4 photocopier paper.

It’s a really simple system that works so well. Here’s the process:


  1. We pay you an initial visit to check what what you have in that cavernous cupboard, discuss the stuff you can’t do without and agree prices.
  2. We deliver.
  3. We visit on a monthly basis to stock take
  4. You never run out of what you need!

See easy!


Office stationery

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What your office says about you?

Offices come in all shapes and sizes, some are vast spaces accommodating thousands of people whilst others are simple makeshift home offices occupying an alcove or an understairs cupboard.

Our upcoming office move has got us thinking about what inspires a work space. Should it reflect your business, your brand or should it just be a working space? What are your priorities when designing an office? What does your office say about you?

For us an office should obviously reflect the kind of work you do, but also show to the visitor how efficient your company is. Co working spaces have become more and more popular influenced by the creative industries and the trend for the more transient technical start ups. With the advent of the internet allowing more people to work remotely, the working population seems to be moving around a lot more. Hot desking has been a twenty first century phenomenon but has that meant a loss of personality in the office as employees are encouraged to work at paperless, impersonal desks? Do paperless, open plan offices make working life easier as people are crowded into small spaces, or do they breed discontent?

Employers have become increasingly aware that  providing inspirational work spaces and certain home comforts make for a happier workforce. Small details like a Nespresso machine or a Water dispenser, colour and good LED lighting make all the difference in creating an effective working environment. Taking pride in your office translates to good working practices and productive employees.

We had a look through the internet for images describing how we work today…


Airbnb head office in San Francisco


Advertising agency in California

popup office

Tree office Pop up in Hoxton, London


A home office


UBS Trading floor, USA

We loved this list of the coolest offices around the world, some fantastic spaces.


One of our favourite finds, a waiting room constructed inside a shipping container at Cape Town’s branding agency 99c designed by In House Brand Architects.

Opening to much fanfare the London Google office seems to have a little of every thing for their staff – Fun, quirky, corporate and creative. There are quiet break out areas, sporty fun areas for lunchtime breaks but above all it is a visually inspiring building – take the tour here. It would seem the designers have thought of everything!

What kind of space do you work in? We’d love to hear all about it.

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