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Well it was only a couple of weeks ago we posted up how it wasn’t all gloom and doom out there.  And as if to make the point one of our London based customers let us know they are taking on 40 new staff.  The company haven’t made it official yet so no names, but we’ll keep you informed.

Now I admit, this isn’t going to sort out the economy in one foul swoop, but it is good news: not just for the company in question, but for their suppliers (yes, us), the local businesses and most significantly the new employees and their families.  That’s little bit of good news spreading around – and that’s always good to hear.

Anyone else have some good news to share?

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  • Jodie Smith says:

    After not having any work for ages my husband has finally picked up a couple of jobs 🙂

  • Melissa Wash says:

    Good News..I received a cheque from my energy supplier for compensation for overcharging me and messing me about big time….. I wont name and shame them at the moment but I will just say I wont be touching them with an electricity pole in future!! ( as opposed to a barge pole!! )

  • Jen English says:

    I got a place at Edge Hill University in September to do my PGCE 🙂 exciting times!

  • su says:

    My teenage daughter has got a part time job, which is great as jobs for youngsters are quite hard to come by.

  • M williams says:

    Good news to share, it’s Friday, soon it will be my birthday, then Easter and before you know it Christmas! Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!

  • Good news!! My good news is that my son is home for half term and has got to see his new baby brother for the first time…happy days x

  • Ruth A says:

    My good news is that I have finally managed to make a cake without it sinking in the middle – yay!!! Happy Birthday to my Mum…. x

  • nicci cowdell-murray says:

    good news? after being on strong medication for 10 years for rheumatoid/psoriatic arthritis im FINALLY allowed to come off it so me and hubby can try for a baby woo hooo ….now that is the BEST news i could ever hope for xxxx

    twitter @twinklenicci

  • Helen O'Keeffe says:

    my good news is that I have no bad news! Life is good and for that I am grateful.
    The Lady above has the best news – what could be better news really?


    p.s enjoy trying for that baby!

  • Ali says:

    My Good News is that….after 5 years of trying… I am finally pregnant!!! I am soooo happy I dont really have the words to explain .. good news is somewhat of an understatement really!! xxxx

  • Nicola A says:

    After almost a year I’ve finally been offered some work woohoo! (albeit on a temporary basis for now). Also my OH was offered a permanent contract at work last Friday meaning we can start house-hunting 🙂

    Life is good!

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