LED - The Future of Lighting

Low energy and highly efficient, LED bulbs give off almost all the energy used as light – and not heat. So a massive 85% energy saving that helps protect the environment whilst reducing energy costs. They can quickly pay for themselves and you’ll be reaping the benefit for years.

They are instantly on – no warm up. And with no moving parts these solid-state bulbs are extremely durable averaging 40-50,000 hours of life.

The manufacturer of our bulbs is so confident of their quality they offer
a 3-year warranty meaning huge maintenance cost savings
over conventional and halogen bulbs.

There’s no UV or IR emissions and they contain no mercury or other heavy metals, making these bulbs considerably more environmentally friendly.

And if that isn’t enough, they produce a high quality, natural looking light. With beautiful styling and elegant curves, these lights will appeal to even the most demanding of stylists.

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