Imprest Office Supplies

The traditional way of managing your office supplies means one of your team works out what you need, what you’re missing, or what you’ve lost, then picks up the phone – in expectation of a ‘next day’ delivery.  So who’s spending the time, the energy, the hassle and the money here? You are.

With Stock in Trade we turn that on its head and bring you huge savings by only charging for what you use.  So you don’t spend your company time and money managing office stock, we do all that for you – making sure your stuff arrives only when you need it.  And only then, after you have used it, do we actually charge you for it.

That’s because unlike every other office consumables company in the UK, we offer you Imprest Office Supplies.  Imprest simply means a way of providing cash fund that gets topped up as you use it, just like a petty cash float.  Except we do it with office supplies: toner cartridges, inks, paper, envelopes, etc.

This means you save money, space and time.  As the stock you have on your premises is ours, and only what you need, there’s no unwanted piles of boxes in back rooms, no office clutter, no panic over lost or misplaced items, no obsolete stock. And no blow-out office supply budgets.

Want to know more? Visit our Video FAQ page. Or call us now on 0800 977 5688 or use our online form to find out how Stock in Trade can help your company start making big savings.

Stock in Trade – A whole new way of doing office supplies.