Our Green Policy

Green by nature

The imprest office supplies system cuts unnecessary ordering, shipping, storage and obsolete stock – avoiding waste: of time, money and resources.

Stock in Trade aims for one stock count visit, delivery, delivery note and invoice per customer per month. Where possible, local stock counts are done by public transport. Result? Less vehicle emissions and less paper.

Massively reduced warehousing, transport and printing requirements bring less energy use, reduced vehicle emissions and reduced paper use.


Stock in Trade customer’s  are encouraged to use recycled toners and inks whenever possible. We organise the regular recycling of all the cartridges we supply. These are either collected directly by the local recycling centre or collected by us and then sent on to the recycling centre.  Any money raised from recycling is donated to charity.

Almost all of the packaging we use is recycled. Any that we can’t use ourselves is sent directly to the local authority for recycling.

Our software management systems are bringing us closer and closer to the ideal of a ‘paper-less office’ but sometimes documents still have to be printed. These, along with all the postal items we receive, are eventually shredded and recycled. And where possible, all other office waste is recycled as well.

Remote working

Our system enables some of our employees to work from home, bring further reductions to vehicle emissions.

Water use

Stock in Trade offices only use filtered mains water. No plastic bottles means no delivery and collection transport costs and fewer vehicles on the road.