Savill Cases


Founded in 1985, Savill Cases is a UK-wide company specialising in the design of bespoke flight cases. In recent years the company has expanded into the manufacture of nylon bags, space-saving containers and portable exhibition stands.

Stock in trade has been managing office supplies at the company’s office in Norfolk since 2008.

Multiple benefits – a gradual realisation

When Managing Director Clive Ibbison-Steele decided to switch to Stock in Trade it was not because of perceived problems with existing suppliers. As he recalls: “I knew a key member of the Stock in Trade team socially, and gradually found out about what they did. The idea of not having to worry about ordering stock did seem attractive.”

Soon after Stock in Trade carried out their first audit, another benefit became apparent to Clive: “We gradually cleared out stock that was no use to us. It happened naturally – we just used up stuff as we went.”

“I don’t have to keep an eye on stock levels any more.”

Now, years since the decision to use switch suppliers, and with Stock in Trade managing all of Savills ‘office supplies, Clive reflects on the time and money savings that the system continues to deliver: “The prices of items are probably comparable with our old suppliers – although to be honest I don’t keep a close eye on that side of things – but the main benefit for me is that I don’t have to watch stock levels any more.”

This, says Clive, is in direct contrast to how things used to be: “We would often run out of stuff and have to get on the phone to re-order from various suppliers.”

Such situations, with the resulting hold-ups and dips in productivity, are now a thing of the past: “All our office supplies are now maintained for us.”

Now, with time freed up for staff to concentrate on more important, profit-driven activities, Clive Ibbison-Steele sees Stock in Trade as  a key partner in Savills’ drive to further increase its prosperity and success:

“There is no way we could ever go back to a traditional supplier.”

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