Welcome back!

Welcome back! It’s been a while since our last post…however far from neglecting you we’ve been thinking long and hard about where we take the blog. From now on we’d like to give you more of a glimpse into our world; what makes us tick, what gets us excited, what makes us different and why we are such a personal, authentic company.

What better way to open than by introducing ourselves? This way you get to know a little more about the voice at the end of the phone, the person that packs up your order and gets it to you on time. Who’s responsible for handpicking the products that facilitate your working day. Each and every employee is vital to us at Stock In Trade family, ensuring the smooth running of the day to day business.

First up is the MD Will Anjos:

Will mainly works from home on the South Coast, where he lives with family. He’s sometimes in the London office or out visiting prospective clients with Tracy, our Operations Manager. He’s familiar with our products, but this is not really his strength, there are plenty of people here that really do know their stuff. Will works more on the IT side with our Technical Director, Paul.

Together they write software and maintain equipment. Will also manages our website and online customer catalogue, and the marketing side with brochures and trade shows. Our Head Office is in Park Royal, West London, but we have employees based all over from Will on the south coast, to Paul up in Suffolk and beyond. Most of us at Stock In Trade have families, so we’ve tried to structure things to allow people the freedom to work flexibly and from home as much as possible. It has come in handy with those emergency calls to collect your unwell child from school. Or during school holidays when they’re all at home, though the noise makes you long for the peace of the office…

On a personal note Will enjoys playing guitar and ukulele, but doesn’t sing. Unlike his son who does constantly round the house and won’t stop no matter how many times you ask. You may also have wondered about his family name, Anjos. It’s Portuguese and translates to angels, not necessarily how many would describe him! He does love Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese Custard Tarts) and sadly the lady who makes them in Brighton is often sold out, so when up in Park Royal Will often sneaks out to Lisboa on the Golborne Road to get his fix of a Portuguese coffee and cake…

2 Truths & 1 Lie

  • I was a roadie for a touring rock band
  • I did the London to Brighton cycle ride
  • I once bowled at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Which one is which? Can you guess? We will reveal all once we’ve introduced you to all our staff…

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