Welcome 2012 – Mrs & Mrs Lee

A year ago we posted up Our First Blog and welcomed 2011.

It was a good year.  Stock In Trade turned 21, we attended the office* show for the first time, there were many highlights.  Now we could focus on the business side of things, but the really important thing was Karen’s determination to fit into her wedding dress by the summer.

We did say that if she made it we’d put up a picture (we may even have threatened to even if she didn’t, but let’s not dwell on that).

But no no worries because she made it – and here’s a picture to prove it.  So well done Karen you look lovely!  Or should we say you look lovely, Mrs Lee.

And because it wasn’t all about the the Missus or the Dress, we also welcome Mr Lee himself to our blog.  Hey Michael, you look great too!

We’re all really glad you both had a great day and we hope you have a great 2012 – and that goes for us all!

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