The moment you’ve all been waiting for…


Now you’ve met our key members of staff, it is time to reveal their Lies. Tricksters that they are!

Here we are their final answers, do click on their names for their biographies if you missed any:


Will Anjos I did the London to Brighton cycle ride

“I cycled from London to south of France via Newhaven once, but despite living in Brighton for over 20 years I’ve never cycled the London to Brighton”.


Tsar Crew My nickname at school was “Jordan”

“No, I was called Tuna. Because I like fish and am fair skinned.”


Tracey Howard & the Famous Bella Ran a half marathon

“The only marathon I enjoy is the chocolate eating kind…..”


Samira Pakfetrat I dressed up as a clown in Richmond charity fund raiser

“Never did.”


Karen Lee I’m a closet case Miley Cyrus fan 

“Wouldn’t have a clue what she sings, or if it’s a woman or man for that matter :0)“


Fariba Rezvani  Played basketball for Kent County Council

“I like to think I was a bit of an expert but no, I never played the council team. Not sure they even had one…”


Rupen Joshi I’m a ¼ Kenyan

“I’m not ¼ Kenyan, but I do have family from Africa, though I’ve never met them”.


Paul Murray As a student I was arrested for polishing the horse’s testicles of a tarnished brass statue in Hull
“The gonads were buffed to a high lustre during my time at Hull University, but not by me”. Interestingly the rest of the office were quite suprised by this admission of Paul’s!


So were any of these a surprise to you? Our bets are on Paul…


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