Smaller Footprints

You’ve all heard of a carbon footprint, but what is it?  Well, a quick dictionary check says it’s a measure of “the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere caused by our day-to-day activities”.  So pretty much everything we do.

Most of us believe this has a huge impact on our environment, particularly the thorny issue of climate change.  And we all know that individually we can make small changes that collectively make a huge difference.  So we decided to do one of our office polls to see what our employees are doing personally to make smaller footprints that make a difference.

Now some ideas were blindingly obvious, but there were a couple of interesting ones in there too.  So here’s our top 10, though not in any particular order.

Our Top 10

1.   Shorter showers, ideally 3 minutes!  And alone.

2.   Take re-usable bags to the shops, and carry home expensive shopping.

3.   Breathe out less and stay in bed as much as possible.

4.   Hang washing out ‘old school’, instead of using a dryer, which can also be expensive.

5.   Smarter shopping – no bottled water, buy local produce like fruit/veg that’s in season.

6.   Switch things off – leaving appliances on standby still wastes energy.

7.   Walk or cycle whenever you can.  Helps keep you healthy too.

8.   Only use washing machines and dishwashers when full – saves electricity, water and washing powder.

9.   Recycle as much as possible.

10.  Use energy saving light bulbs.

There you have it: 10 simple, easy, and free to do ideas that can save you money and help preserve the planet for future generations!  Could you do all 10 in one week?  Would you want to?  Go on, give it a go.

Next time maybe we’ll take a look at what we as a company can do to help save the environment!

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