Our First Blog - Happy 2011

Our website had an early spring clean and we can now blog. So what to say?

Well it’s 2011 and everyone else is saying it’s going to be a tough year. It’s all cost cutting measures and buy you’re own tea and biscuits. Certainly some of our customers are feeling the pinch, but we also have some doing really well – sales are up and they’re opening more sites/branches. The overall feel is more positive than you might expect.

So what are we doing this year? As well as our website revamp (do you like it?) we are now on and  . On a more practical note, for those of you that asked, we’re looking at opening our telephone lines earlier in the morning. Oh, and Stock In Trade is turning 21 this August – I think there may be a party. If we had a new year’s resolution for this year it would have to be “have a great 21st”.

I know it’s late but we did a quick check round the office for resolutions and it’s all the usual spend less, be more active, have more fun and the stubborn I refuse to make them. The only one that stood out was Karen’s I will fit into my wedding dress for this summer. Well if she makes it I’ll put up a picture. Maybe I should still put one up even if she doesn’t. Or would that be mean?

Happy 2011 Everyone!

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