Last but not least is Paul Murray

Our final introduction to you is Paul Murray our Technical Director.

Paul Murray

As Technical Director he’s responsible for keeping all the information the company needs safe, accurate and available. It’s a fairly wide ranging job involving software design and development, network, database and telecoms management.

Much of the tricky stuff is done overnight so he occasionally ends up working through till the early hours when he can safely tinker with things that are being used during the day. This is usually accompanied by a take-away and a glass of wine. Or two…

His preference is for a pint of Real Ale but sadly our HQ is in a bit of a desert for pubs let alone decent ones. If his evening is not too punishing and the weather nice there is somewhere within walking distance that usually serves decent vittles but he usually ends up ordering in food and pops to the corner shop for something to wash it down with.

Usually evenings go smoothly and he can get his head down at some point, dozing off to some comedy on the radio. He says the combination of Radio 4 Extra and the BBC iPlayer Radio have transformed his listening habits…’It’s wonderful to have such a huge resource at ones fingertips. Or should that be ears’. If you haven’t come across these two radio stations before Paul can’t recommend them highly enough. As you may have gathered Paul also has a knack for keeping us all amused in the office with his great sense of humour, funny T shirts and tales of his life in Suffolk with his three children (including twins!).

2 truths & a lie

• I have made over 50 blood donations.
• As a student I was arrested for polishing the horse’s testicles of a tarnished brass statue in Hull.
• I was a fireman in a West End theatre.

2014-10-18 18.47.53

Always making us laugh!



The Naked Chef has nothing on Paul!!



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