Introducing Tsar Carew

Last time Will our MD gave you a glimpse into his life, now we will begin introducing more members of the Stock In Trade Team:

Mrs Tsar Carew is our finance guru otherwise known as the Financial Controller.

Tsar has been with Stock In Trade since 1991, when not doing sums here in the office she enjoys spending time with her family especially her two delightful daughters. One of whom is a rather exceptional young artist (even if we say so ourselves!), see what she created using our products of course! Alyaa used Sharpie marker pens starting off in black and white then progressing to colour. Amazing talent.

FullSizeRender (1)

You heard it first here – look out for her in future Turner Prize competitions!

2 Truths/1 lie

  • I DJ’d at a London nightclub.
  • I once danced with Katie Price.
  • My nickname at school was Jordan.

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