Introducing Karen Lee



Karen Lee is our Account Manager.

Karen spends the majority of the working day out visiting customers, ensuring a smooth service and managing stock. If you’re a client then you’ll know her as she is the most public face of Stock In Trade. She’s the one who would have visited you in person. As well as her work her real passions are traveling, her wonderful grandchildren and going into the garage at home to practice dirty dancing routines. Yes you read that correctly, a big fan of the film Karen and her husband love nothing more than recreating those perilous routines though she does admit they’re yet to master the infamous lift.

(We’re sure they’ll manage it soon and when they do we’ll be sure to be there with the video camera!).

2 Truths and a lie

I’m a closet Miley Cyrus fan
I love gardening
I’m a member of Lords Cricket Club

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