Ever run out of stationery or order too much? Read on...

There’s no denying that flicking through a stationery catalogue or website can be a lot of fun, though the temptation is to over order then be left with a cupboard full of products that gather dust for years until you reach a point you forget what’s at the back of that drawer!

That’s why we came up with Imprest. You only pay for what you use after you’ve used it so rather than having a stationery room full of stock and your finances tied up, you’ll have a room with only the items you need. Your finance people will be happy and so will you as there’ll be no more wasted time stock taking, we even do that for you!

We will visit on a monthly basis to stock take ensuring you never run out of your most used items. If we get it wrong we’ll get those items out to you on a same day delivery service and we’ll take the rap for it. Yes no more getting into trouble for your boss for running out of A4 photocopier paper.

It’s a really simple system that works so well. Here’s the process:


  1. We pay you an initial visit to check what what you have in that cavernous cupboard, discuss the stuff you can’t do without and agree prices.
  2. We deliver.
  3. We visit on a monthly basis to stock take
  4. You never run out of what you need!

See easy!


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