And the winner is...

As a little light relief from all the rather heavy news of the last few weeks we set our team and clients a little questionnaire…with only one super easy question. Which stationery item could you not do without during your daily routine? The one thing that makes your life at work easier, simpler and less stressful. Want to know what the resounding majority voted for? We know it surprised us too!


Yes it was the humble staple remover…



The one item that always gets ‘borrowed’ but never returned by your colleagues, the one item that employees hide away deep in their drawers so others can’t find it. It saves your nails, protects you from the dangers of sharp sissors, the staple remover was King of our list!

pencil sharpener


The stapler came in a close second followed closely by the pencil sharpener. Highlighters came in above writing pens whilst one big surprise notebooks came down the bottom of the list.



What could you not do without in the office?

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