17 & a half years at Stock in Trade!

The employees here at Stock in Trade have been with us for an average of 17 and a half years – and that’s including someone who’s only been with us 4 years.  Okay, that doesn’t count two recent recruits: Rupen running our warehouse and myself in sales, but that’s expansion for you.  17.5 is a big number when all things are considered.  Things like products, websites, deliveries, paperwork.  In the end it comes down to people.

We did a quick round in the office and when asked why they’d stayed at Stock in Trade for so long, we had confessions of “blackmail”, “they keep the doors locked” and “I lost my get out of jail free card!”  It’s really because everyone strongly believes in what we do, the unique Imprest Service we offer – and they enjoy working in this likeable madhouse and dealing with friendly customers!

Hating to sound too cliché, but we are a little family here in the office and a lot of our customers are like extended family.  Our distinct service means we maintain regular contact with all our customers and we’ve built strong and lasting relationships during this time.  In fact, we still have customers that joined us right at the beginning.  In that time we watched them grow and change, and in turn we developed our expertise to help them – and ultimately to become a trusted and reliable supplier.  It’s how we stay in business.

So a huge thanks to all our staff for your years of commitment and hard work – and a massive CHEERS to the next 17 and a half years!

So share some of your best – and worst – experiences of customer service.  Even if you’re one of our customers…


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