Why LED?

Why LED?

Well that’s not the real question as I think by now most people are aware of the benefits of LED lighting and the huge energy savings to be made (If not, read this).

The real question is why would a long standing Office and IT Supplies company like us be offering an LED Supply & Installation service?

Well firstly we’re not just an office supplies company, we’re also a facilities management company supplying products for catering, cleaning, janitorial and building maintenance?  So supplying bulbs isn’t new, we’ve been doing that for over 20 years. The difference is that right now high quality low energy LED bulbs are what our customers are asking for.

But installing?

Our LED lights run off AC mains voltage so they can easily replace standard bulbs, but some premises use halogen bulbs that use transformers. It’s a simple job to switch out the halogen for LED and remove the transformers, but you do need an electrician to do it (an NICEIC qualified one).

Well one of our clients wanted to furnish his restaurant with our LED lights, but he didn’t have the time to manage the job. So he set us the challenge of doing the whole thing for him. Now many years ago Stock In Trade’s Imprest  Service started because one of our IT hardware clients set us a challenge (read Our Story). With a long history of problem-solving for our customers, it’s no surprise we said “Challenge Accepted”!


We got together with some NICEIC approved electrical contractors and project managed this task for our customer. We priced up the supply, the installation work, agreed the work schedule – which as a restaurant involved a lot of working at night – started the job.

And we have to say it was a great success! The restaurant was smoothly switched over to LED lighting and they soon started to save money. And we proved once again how invaluable the support we give to our clients can be.

When word got around we ended up project managing a few other customer installations. We recently completed the work on HEAL’S flagship store in Tottenham Court Road, London (photo). It took over a month and involved several floors and many different departments, but it’s finished and looks fantastic. And that’s not just us saying that, the customer thought so too:

“The new lights look fantastic. We’re really pleased we made the change to low cost LED lights. They look great and we save money. Thank you Stock In Trade for a great job.”
Martin Goldsmith, Retail Security and Audits Manager, HEAL’S

Is it any surprise we now we offer this service to new customers?

That’s why LED.

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