Useless, but fun Desktop Toys

You have your pens, your paper, your stapler and a desk organiser. Maybe even a photo of a loved one. Still, something is missing. A desktop toy! It alleviates boredom and reduces everyday office stress – and as it’s the festive season, what better time to think about toys.

So here’s a list of our favourite useless but fun desktop toys (in no particular order);

1. Newton’s Cradle

Probably the most symbolic toy of executive status. A simple arrangement of suspended steel ball bearings. Lift one or two away from the rest and watch the forces clicking the balls back and forth.

Entertaining, but absolutely useless.

2. Desktop Dalek

A smaller (and much safer) version of the real thing. It will “patrol” your desktop at random and annoy all by shouting “Exterminate”. A sensor stops it running off the edge, spinning back instead.

Not just for a true “Whovian”, but even mildly interested Dr Who fan – who wouldn’t want a Dalek on their desk?

3. C3PO Money Box

Have this little three legged Star Wars robot sit on your desk and every time you put in some coins it will sound out its familiar distinctive beeps. Completely unintelligible, but it’s a bit of fun to brighten your day.It won’t own your desk like the Dalek, but it may help you save for tickets to the next Star Wars film release.

Not just for fans. Maybe.

4. Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Yep, a tiny vacuum cleaner. A cute one though. A small, but fully working model of the classic that’s just perfect for hoovering up biscuit crumbs or any other dust bunnies in your keyboard.

Helping to keep your desktop clean, it’s a useful, useless, but fun toy.

5. USB Rocket Launcher

Annoy office colleagues with this small rocket launcher. It’s USB so use your laptop /PC to aim and fire. It’s probably one of the coolest but most useless of desktop toys. The missiles are quite feeble, but you don’t want to a serious work injury.

Why settle for just one desktop when you can invade your neighbours?


These desktop toys can make the perfect Christmas present for someone you know that works in an office. They may brighten someone’s day, and probably annoying a few others.

Merry Christmas!

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