Stapler, Post-it, Scissors?

Rock, Paper, Scissors

As you know we’re all mad about stationary here, but what is this game about?

Scissors beats paper, easy (poor paper always getting cut up).
Scissors are blunted by rock. Who would try to cut a rock with a pair of scissors?!
Rock is defeated by paper, regardless of size or weight.

A simple, but amazing game! Where did it originate from?

Apparently it was during the Ming Dynasty around 1600 AD. Yep, believe it or not, that’s when it’s first documented. Although there was a much earlier Japanese game around 205 AD which was more ABC, where A beats C and B beats A. It’s more an algebraic game and just doesn’t have the same fun factor.

Why did they choose rock, paper and scissors? Well, we know rock has been around since the start of time (or maybe just slightly after). Scissors were first used in ancient Egypt around 1500 AD. And paper? Well another Egyptian product (the very word “paper” is derived from the Latin papyrus). So taking that into account, we really have no idea why they were picked.

Thousands of years later, why hasn’t it been updated? Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory invented his own version, named Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock. Bit geeky, but he’s trying to do something new.

So why not Photocopier, Paper, Scissors (Photocopier copies paper, scissors jams photocopier). Too silly? Okay then, Stapler, Paper, Scissors? Or maybe Stapler, post-it, laminator?

With so many stationery items to choose from, what would you pick?

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