Are you crazy about stationery?

It is amazing what some people collect.

The humble Post-it note? Yes, it’s true. Some people collect Post-it notes. With so many sizes, colours, shades of colours and even printed ones – such as (I kid you not) Michael Jackson Post-it notes.

What is the attraction with these? Do people treat them like other collectibles where they are more valuable if they are still in the wrapper? And of course the BIG question is, what do you call a Post-it note collector? Postitophilist?

Another collector’s item from the humble stationery cupboard is pencils, but unlike post-it note collectors, pencil hoarders are known simply as pencil collectors. There is an official American Pencil Collectors Society that was founded in 1958 with a dedicated pencil collectors’ website.

They have Pencil Officers. Seriously, Pencil Officers that are appointed for a term of two years – they even hold annual conventions. You can purchase books on the subject and buy, sell and exchange your pencils on various dedicated auction sites!

Of course collecting stationery maybe a turn-on or a serious hobby for some, but for businesses it can be a real pain in the stapler.  Especially with toner cartridges, inks and paper. The solution is to use experts to manage all your stationery and office supply needs (yeah, it’s a plug, but a good one).

Unless you’ve amassed such a large stock-pile you intend to appoint Paper Clip Administrator and Hole Punch Officers to set up annual conventions where crazy collector stationery businesses can trade.

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